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Mens Soft Hoodie - 120825

Mens Soft Hoodie
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NOTIFY! The sale price only applies to the color "Bright blue".

A must-have for dedicated Better Bodies athletes! Mens Soft Hoodie is a versatile and comfortable pullover style hoodie. It's made out of a thin and soft blended fabric and feature a lined inner hood. It has a rounded bottom and each colorway is equipped with its own unique print.

• Built to meet the demands of the Better Bodies Lifestyle!
• Thin and soft mix of cotton and polyester
• Rounded bottom and lined inner hood
• Unique prints for each colorway
• Imported

Additional information

Material, solid color: 70% polyester and 30% cotton
Material, Anthracite m“lange: 50% cotton and 50% polyester
Designed for: On-the-go active men
Fit: Semi-fitted
Chest: S=48 cm, M=51 cm, L=54 cm, XL=57 cm, XXL=60 cm
Length: S=68 cm, M=70 cm, L=72 cm, XL=74 cm, XXL=76 cm
Sizes: S–XXL

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